Modern oriental dance session in Montreal

September 29 to December 15 - 12 weeks!

Thursdays, 18h30 - 20h00, open level

Studio Caravane, 6262 St-Hubert, 2nd floor, metro Beaubien

Single drop-in class $20

Full session - $227



Finger cymbal workshops with Nawal Doucette

October 30, 11h00 - 16h00 in Montréal

If you would like to try out, learn or deepen your finger cymbal technique, this is a perfect opportunity! Nawal Doucette brings two workshops filled with finger cymbal teachings of Jamila Salimpour from California. Both workshops include teachings on finger cymbal technique, special skills and choreography!


Workshop 1
Sunday, October 30, 11h00 - 13h00
"West Coast Vintage - Steps and Finger Cymbals"
Based on steps and terminology of the Jamila Salimpour format, we'll learn step and finger cymbal patterns with a taste of the San Francisco Bellydance scene of the 1970's!
After a thorough warm up we will move through timining basics, foot patterns, hip work and how to coordinate finger cymbal technique with step patterns.

- 1 hour break -

Workshop 2
Sunday, October 30, 14h00 - 16h00
"Jamila Salimpour's Raqs El Sagat - Dance of the finger cymbals"
In this workshop you'll learn an entry level Salimpour choreography using 20 different finger cymbal patterns! We start with a short warm up to then dive right into the choreography. Students are encouraged to take "West Coast Vintage" to become familair with the steps presented in this choreography.

We will be doing a lot of dancing - fancy foot work and musicality, a powerful introduction for anyone interested in the Salimpour format!
Both workshops are open for all levels, Nawal will adapt to your individual learning process. It is also possible to take the workshop not using cymbals. There will be plenty of hip work and foot patterns to focus on! Expect to sweat and bring change of clothes.


Both workshops are held at Studio D325, 5445 de Gaspé, Montréal
1 atelier $60 early bird / $70 after September 30th
2 ateliers $100 early bird / $120 after September 30th


E-transfers can be made to the following address: