Foto: Andrei Kalamkarov
Foto: Andrei Kalamkarov


When we live in community and close to nature, women tend to have menstrual cycles together and synchronized with the moon. Belly dancing was done by the menstruating women of the tribe, to help promote and stimulate menstrual flow. We are reclaiming the original purpose and function of belly-dancing as a way of connecting with the Woman in our hips, our bellies - in our arms and feet and eyes - of owning and expressing our sensuality and our sexuality with dignity and pride...

Dawn Bramadat


Your body is your temple. Relax your mind, awaken body and soul. Bring beauty to the world and shine your light out to the universe. Let's Dance!



The drum and the dancer are like lovers, parent and child, brother and sister. They talk to each other with sweet words and signs of closeness...

Mahmoud Fadl


Bellydance is something that allows each woman to bring out that which is uniquely beautiful in her... and doesn't insist that she conforms to any kind of standard; be it a body energy or what she's wearing. It's an amazing way for women to express and to learn more about who they are and how they can move – I love it.

Rachel Brice


Dance. Natural, beneficial and necessary. Symmetrie and balance, food for the brain, a thing of beauty is a joy forever... for the body, mind and spirit.

Kanaka Sudhakar