What is Bellydance?

Oriental dance, la danse orientale, or also called Baladi invites us to explore our feminine bodies and to relax more into our being. This ancient dance is sensual, health-related, smooth and at the same time powerful and accentuated. Hip kicks, shoulder circles, snake arms, elegant leg work are examples for what we learn...


This feminine and sensual dance art planted its roots many, many centuries ago. I am convinced that this natal and ritual dance exists since we're on earth. Women give birth, women pray for fertility, we believe/d in higher gods, we worshipped them to thank and pray for their gifts.

Mainly the Oriental Dance evolved more and more in the Middle Eastern countries, the Gypsies gave their little taste throughout travelling and performing their dance art. Dance is always part of the culture - who knows what would have happened in Europe for example, if the powerful Christianity hadn't been come.

The name 'Bellydance' evolved during the last century. Hollywood movie makers invited Orient Dancers to be part of their movies, the style of the 'free belly' came, and with that the word 'Bellydance'. By the way, we move a lot more than just the belly. Baladi invites you to increase your fitness and body awareness in a health-conscious way – development of flexibility, body expression, posture and softness in your movements.


What is Contemporary Oriental dance?

 Contemporary Oriental dance allows us to experiment with a wide range of dance styles. From classical folkloric movements up to expressive modern internationally influenced movements - this dance is interesting and a lot of fun to explore. Surprising turns, high legs, hand gestures... come and explore!


How is a Bellydance class structured?

My Baladi lessons are based on a free and relaxed body.

After warming up and softening the spine we learn isolation technique, snake movements, coordinational steps, oriental rhythms and choreography patterns for own performances and self-confidence in movements. Accompanied by traditional percussion music up to modern Arabic music we learn to translate and to tell the rhythms with our body.

I would like to share my fascination and joy for this wonderful feminine dance style. I focus on a friendly atmosphere in class, open for questions and suggestions.


What should I wear for a Bellydance class?

Comfortable sports clothes (leggings, jazzpants, body/shirt/top, etc).

  But the most important accessory: a hip scarf (could be also a cloth or a fabric wrapped around your hips!

The feet? Barefoot, socks or dance shoes with leather sole would be great.


What is Modern Oriental dance?

  Contemporary Oriental dance is a combination of the isolation-concentrated, sensual and feminine Baladi dance style and experimental movements of modern dance. We work on a fluent spine, body stability and relaxed movements. We explore floor work, choreographies and a free/individual body expression - all inspired by a variety of music. An Oriental fusion class includes warm-up, isolation and shimmy drill, plus a little choreo to perform for your friends! Next to the 'fun'-aspect it is a wonderful support for your body vitality... Baladi is a healthy and holistic dance style.